[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]- Ricky Knight Jr welcomed Scotty Edgar to the Art of Pro Wrestling. The initiation was interrupted by PJ Knight, who challenged RKJ for the title provided that Rob Butler would be named as the official referee for the match.

1. SAS defeated Rearn Cox by knockout.

2. Villman defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall.

3. Nocturne with Sandy Scott defeated The Taggarts [Big Paddy Taggart & Dancing Damo] by pinfall in a Handicap match.

4. Keegan (c) defeated Rishpal Singh and Onkar Singh by pinfall in a Handicap match to retain the WAW British Heavyweight Championship. Keegan had to eliminated both wrestlers to retain his title but either Singh only needed to beat Keegan to become the champion.

– Tony Knight taunted Keegan ahead of their match for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship in Attlleborough on Friday 13th Match (Tickets).

5. Tony Knight with Scotty Edgar defeated Milky O’Hagan by pinfall after Ricky Knight Jr interfered.

6. TJ Daniels & Lily Fae defeated Kerron & TJ by pinfall when Daniels pinned Kerron after a low blow.

7. Jason won a 7 Man Battle Royal. The match also featured Ethan Kae, Meemo, Steven Willett, Ryan Matthews, Ollie Campbell and Joseph Bell.

8. Ricky Knight Jr (c) defeated PJ Knight by pinfall to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Ricky Knight Jr offered an invitation to PJ Knight to join the Art of Pro Wrestling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]