– Zak Knight gave an update on his battle to return from injury. He revealed that, defying all doctors orders, he had filled a last minute gap on a WAW camp show and is aiming to stay fit enough to earn himself a match at Fightmare rather than simply gift himself a match. Jason Digby interrupted Zak and demanded a match against Zak tonight to exact revenge for weeks of Zak punishing Digby every time he broke the rules. Zak accepted the challenge.

1. Aaron Sharp defeated Milky O’Hagan by pinfall.

2. Scott Grey defeated Waggy Quintain by pinfall when he used the ropes for leverage.

3. Rishpal Singh defeated Nemesis by pinfall.

– Nemesis struck Rish from behind out of frustration at losing the match.

4. Alexander Young defeated Keegan by submission.

5. Zak Knight defeated Jason Digby by pinfall.

– Zak continued from where he left off earlier. He explained that the support of friends and family were what gave him the strength to come back. He finished by adding that he will continue training to ensure that this isn’t his last hurrah and affirming his desire to earn a Fight are spot instead of just taking one.

– Ricky Knight announced that referee Richard Jordison had reviewed camera footage of the Waggy Quintain versus Scott Grey match and seen the underhanded tactics Grey used to win. As a result, a rematch will take place between the two at the Waterlane Leisure Centre in Lowestoft on Saturday 25th May.

6. Leia Elise won a 13 wrestler battle royal by last eliminating Paddy Taggart to qualify for the Fightmare Rumble.

7. PJ Knight defeated Brad O’Brien by pinfall.

8. Steve Quintain defeated Onkar Singh by pinfall when Quintain struck Onkar with his stick after Nemesis distracted Onkar.

9. Ricky Knight Jr [c] defeated Tony Knight [c] by pinfall to retain the WAW Television Championship and win the WAW British Heavyweight Championship. During the match, Roy Knight attacked RKJ and dragged Tony on top of him after referee David Finch had been knocked down. Zak Knight attacked Tony while Finch was still down and brought out Rob Butler to count the pinfall for RKJ.

– Roy Knight accused Zak of being biased against him and Tony, pointing to his interference as evidence. Tony challenged Zak to a match at Fightmare but Zak refused because of his commitment to family. Tony and Roy goaded Zak, calling him a coward and questioning his commitment, until a brawl broke out. The entire locker room emptied to pull Zak, Tony, Roy, and RKJ apart. Zak paused to agree to the match before continuing the brawl. Cody Hall entered the ring and help Zak and RKJ clear the ring, before chokeslamming Roy. Cody, Zak, and RKJ celebrated in the ring to close out the show.