– MC Ben Williment reminded fans that Arron Warnes had recently been forced to vacate the WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship due to injury. The next match would crown a new champion with Warnes being entitled to a title shot once he recovers.

1. Drew Marshall defeated Jack Landers by pinfall to win the vacant WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

2. The Norwich Killers [Roy Knight & RKJ] defeated Swede & Dillon Slade by pinfall when RKJ pinned Slade.

3. Nathan Cruz defeated R1 by submission.

4. PJ Knight & Rexx Wylde defeated The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] by pinfall when PJ pinned Sam after Swede & Drew Marshall distracted Eli. Wylde walked out on the match.

5. Steve Quintain won the Crusher Mason Memorial Rumble by last eliminating Carlton. The match also featured Kobe Nitro, Sir Ryan Matthews, Mr. Hayward, Oscar Hyde, Scott Clark, Jack, Tate Sibley, Leia Elise, Joe Bell, Dynamite Danny May, Keegan, Marvel Marcus, Brutus, Bohdan, La Flama, Josh, Ollie Campbell, Steven Willett, Rip Parker, Trai-cie, Shane Woodcock, Angel, Just James, Brandon Innes, Raleigh X, Dan Quintain, CT and Ruffneck.

– Steph and Lyndsey Mason awarded the Crusher Mason Memorial Trophy to rumble winner Steve Quintain.