1. Trai-cie defeated TJ by pinfall.

2. Fifi defeated Leia Elise by pinfall in a Hardcore match.

3. Destiny defeated Meisha by pinfall.

4. Tuka & Rip Parker defeated Mollz & Carlton w/Bohdan by pinfall when Tuka pinned Carlton.

– The Governess announced that Annabelle will make it to WAW Fightmare V if she can beat Saraya Knight in the next match. She also announced a rumble match with the winner receiving the same reward.

5. Saraya Knight defeated Annabelle by submission.

– Saraya Knight and Trai-cie attacked Annabelle until Fifi and Destiny ran out to make the save. The Governess announced that Saraya Knight, Nikki Knight, and Trai-cie will face Destiny, Fifi, and Annabelle at WAW Fightmare V!

6. Meisha won a Rumble match by last eliminating Tuka to earn a match at WAW Fightmare V. Also featuring Leia Elise, Jolene, Fifi, Destiny, Mollz, Trai-cie, Annabelle and TJ.

– The Governess congratulated Meisha on earning a spot at WAW Fightmare V.