1. Mr. Hayward defeated Scott Clark by pinfall.

2. Steven Willett & Brandon Innes defeated Ryan Richards & Sharrocks by pinfall when Willett pinned Richards. Sharrocks walked out on the match after criticising Richards for “trying to wrestle” instead of just beating up their opponents.

3. Nemesis versus Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx ended in a No Contest when the referee deemed Nemesis unable to continue due to injury.

4. Kobe Nitro defeated Aaron O’Malley by pinfall.

– Fifi and Fiona signed the contract for their match at Bellatrix Gold Rush on Friday 10th February. Fiona threatened to end Fifi’s career during the match. Fifi lamented their lost friendship and close connection but told Fiona that they won’t be having a wrestling match, it will be a fight. Fiona stopped Fifi from leaving and started attacking her until officials pulled the two apart.

5. Marvel Marcus defeated Sir Ryan Matthews by pinfall.

– Sir Ryan Matthews and Mr. Hayward briefly argued but quickly reconciled and left the ring together.

– MC Keith Sandle announced that Maddison Miles will be vacating the Bellatrix European Championship at Bellatrix Gold Rush. Leia Elise, Trai-cie, Princess, and Annabelle each interrupted proceedings to stake a claim for a shot at the title. A #1 contenders match was scheduled immediately with the winner earning a spot in the title match at Gold Rush.

6. Leia Elise versus Trai-cie versus Princess versus Annabelle ended in a No Contest when the referee lost control of the match.

– All four women continued brawling until Saraya Knight intervened, demanding that they show respect for the Bellatrix European Championship. She announced that all of them would be involved in the title match at Gold Rush before ordering them to return backstage.

7. The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] defeated Sam Santari & Dillon Slade by pinfall when Sam pinned Slade.