1. Sir Ryan Matthews (c) w/Leia Elise defeated Scott Clark by pinfall after a low blow to retain the WAW Academy Championship.

– Scott Clark called out Leia Elise for interfering and stated that he isn’t finished chasing the WAW Academy Championship.

2. Nocturne & Freyja Nyx defeated Sharrocks & Tuka by submission when Tuka tapped out to Nyx.

3. Annabelle (c) defeated Mols by referee stoppage to retain the Bellatrix Academy Championship.

– Angel attacked Annabelle.

4. Keegan defeated Battlekat Eli by pinfall.

5. Big Paddy defeated Joe Bell by pinfall.

6. The Ringmasters [Steven Willett & Oliver Campbell] (c) defeated the YPC [Bohdan & CT] by submission when Bohdan tapped out to Willett.

7. Mr. Hayward defeated Tate by pifnall.

8. PJ Knight defeated Swede by pinfall.

– PJ Knight told Swede to take a message to Tommy Lee and RKJ, he’ll be taking the WAW European Heavyweight Championship away from RKJ at WAW April’s Tools next Saturday.

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