1. The Staff [Sir Ryan Matthews & Mr. Hayward] defeated Steven Willett & Ollie Campbell by pinfall when Hayward pinned Willett.

2. Mace Heyder defeated Joe Bell by pinfall.

3. Bohdan defeated Adam by pinfall.

4. Steve Sharrocks defeated Ricky Knight by disqualification after three public warnings.

– Ricky Knight criticised referee Rob Butler for his decision and attacked Steve Sharrocks after the match. Zak Knight intervened to stop the beatdown but Ricky started insulting MC Benjamin instead, eventually offering to defend the IPW Seniors Championship against him in a match at the May wrestling weekend. Zak Knight returned to separate his father and friend, confirming the match between them after Benjamin gladly accepted the challenge.

5. Big Paddy & The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] defeated Big J Johnson & Heavy Thunder [Keegan & Rip Parker] when Sam pinned Parker.

6. Dillon Slade w/Sian defeated Marvel Marcus by submission.

7. Oscar Hyde defeated Nocturne w/Freyja Nyx, Dave Daniels and Jason the Warrior in a Four Corners Elimination match.
– Hyde pinned Jason.
– Nocturne pinned Daniels.
– Nocturne was counted out.

8. Brad Slayer defeated Kobe Nitro by submission after Oscar Hyde distracted Nitro.

– Oscar Hyde asked Brad Slayer to sign his petition boycotting Kobe Nitro. Slayer obliged as he celebrated his victory.