1. Joe Bell won a Battle Royal last eliminating Carlton. The match also featured Jason the Warrior, Swaylee, Exemalba, Rocket Raistlin, Villman, CT, Adam, Josh and Bohdan.

2. Keegan defeated Kobe Nitro by pinfall after spitting green mist into Nitro’s face.

3. The Quintains [Steve Quintain & Dan Quintain] defeated The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] by disqualification after Hayward hit Dan with a low blow.

4. Swede defeated Marvel Marcus by pinfall while using the ropes for leverage.

5. Annabelle, Tuka & Meisha defeated Harmz, Molz & Jade Taylor by pinfall when Tuka pinned Taylor.

6. Battlekat Eli defeated Rip Parker and Oscar Hyde by pinfall when he pinned Parker.

7. Scott Clark defeated Tate by pinfall.

8. PJ Knight defeated TJ Tremor (c) by submission to win the CPW South African Championship.

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