– Aaron O’Malley interrupted the scheduled singles match between Arron Warnes and Jack Landers, demanding that he be added to the match after putting in hard work wrestling for WAW over the summer.

1. Jack Landers defeated Arron Warnes (c) and Aaron O’Malley by pinfall when he pinned Warnes to win the WAW World Light Heavyweight Championship.

2. Mr. Tim Strange defeated PJ Knight by pinfall after TJ Tremor distracted PJ.

3. Saraya Knight defeated Fifi by submission.

4. Swede w/Tommy Lee defeated Roy Knight by disqualification after RKJ accidentally hit Swede with a steel chair but blamed Roy.

– Roy Knight tried to protest the referee’s decision but was unable to convince him.

5. Zak Zodiac defeated Big Lou Nixon by pinfall.

6. Dan Quintain won a Battle Royal by eliminating Marvel Marcus to qualify for the Sky’s the Limit ladder match at WAW Fightmare V. The match also featured Leia Elise, Keegan, Sharrocks, Josh, Bohan, Annabelle, Sir Ryan Matthews and TJ Tremor.

7. RKJ (c) w/Tommy Lee defeated Kvobe Nitro by pinfall to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship after Peter Edgar replaced the injured Rob Butler as referee and initiated a fast count. Digby, helping RKJ, and Zak Zodiac, attacking RKJ, interfered during the match.

– Zak Zodiac told RKJ that he wouldn’t be World champion right now if Peter Edgar hadn’t resorted to old habits and rejoined the Midas Stable. Zodiac announced that he will be claiming his WAW World Heavyweight Championship rematch at next week’s WAW Fight Night TV taping.