1. The Staff [Mr. Hayward & Sir Ryan Matthews] (c) defeated The UK Pitbills [Bulk & Big Dave], The Battlekats [Battlekat Eli & Battlekat Sam] and Insert Name Here [Oscar Hyde & Kobe Nitro] by pinfall when Matthews pinned Hyde to retain the WAW World Tag Team Championship. The Battlekats and the UK Pitbulls were counted out during the match.

2. Dan Quintain defeated Steve Quintain by submission when he used the ropes for leverage.

3. Roy Knight defeated Drew Marshall by pinfall.

– Tommy Lee and RKJ confronted Roy Knight and questioned whether he was “slowing down” due to age. RKJ implied he was going to fight his father despite wearing a cast on his broken wrist. Drew Marshall blindsided Roy from the distraction and shook hands with RKJ. Zak Zodiac rushed to the ring and chased off the assailants attacking his brother and challenged them to try it again now the numbers are even.

4. Vanessa defeated Xia Brookside by submission in a Steel Cage match.

5. Brad Slayer defeated Azzermania by submission in a Steel Cage match.

– Brad Slayer continued to beat down Azzermania after the match. The lights went out and Slayer was confronted and attacked by Keegan, accompanied by his father, Sandy Scott.

6. Brett Semtex (c) defeated PJ Knight by two falls to none in a Two Out of Three Falls Steel Cage match.

– Paul Tyrrell presented a selection of awards acknowledging contributions to British wrestling on behalf of the Southern British Wrestlers Reunion. Recipients included Tony Barron, Saraya Knight, and Ricky Knight.

7. Zak Zodiac (c) defeated Joseph Conners by pinfall to retain the WAW World Heavyweight Championship.

– Brett Semtex and Drew Marshall assaulted Zak Zodiac. Tommy Lee told Zodiac that this is what happens to anyone who interferes in Midas business. Roy Knight ran out with a 2×4 and chased the Midas Stable away from the ring. Roy grabbed a microphone and offered to reunite with Zak at the UK Hooligans to stop Midas from running rampant over WAW shows. Zak accepted and challenged Lee to pick any two wrestlers from his group to face the Hooligans at WAW Summer Sizzler. Marshall tried to attack the Hooligans but was quickly sent packing back out of the ring.

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